Month: June 2021

How might anthropologists think about a smart phone and its impact on modern society?

Instructions Returning to the readings of Week 2, please use these resources to complete this week’s quiz. Please respond to the following questions: (1) What is interdisciplinary and why is it important in the social sciences? (4 points) Respond to 2 of the following 4 questions: (3 points each) 2. (2) How might anthropologists think […]

When assessing ELLs, teachers must use a variety of assessments in order to get the most accurate snapshot of academic and language progress. What are some ways teachers can assess students in the classroom to include reading and writing?

Answer questions for Topic 5 DQ1 and Topic 5 DQ2 with 250 words and 2 scholar References. These are separate assignment and should have its own reference page. Topic 5 DQ 1 If you were utilizing a reading strategy among students with intermediate English proficiency, what specific guidelines would be critical for you to consider […]

What are some of the arguments made for and against the return of artworks stolen or taken in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries?

For this paper, read the articles linked below as well as the articles included as attachments and watch the short video linked below. These are selected from MANY newspaper, magazine, and academic articles about the issue (in addition to these, feel free to seek out others online). They deal primarily with the British Museum, and […]

You will then be ready to create your analysis. This process of analysis will require you to discuss the events or innovations that define the historical period when the work was created, analyze a theme or stylistic characteristic of the period that is reflected in the work, and finally analyze the work’s or author’s/artist’s/composer’s contribution […]

Discuss what resources are available within your community for your specific population and vulnerable populations in general.

Week 6 Assignment 1: Population-Specific Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Paper – Rough Draft Sections 1–3 Required, 1–4 Encouraged Week 10 Assignment: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Population-Specific Final Paper Submission Overview During this assignment, you will be asked to discuss the concepts of health promotion and disease prevention, relating this information to the role […]

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