How do selected typeface and fonts either help or hinder understanding of the composition?

Wright a substantive rhetorical analysis essay answering the following:

Use these links:



To what degree does the introduction do each of the following? (25 points)

Provide sufficient background to the situation. Consider what questions you have about the topic that aren’t answered in the introduction section.

Engage the reader from the first line. Does it have a hook of sorts?

Introduce the texts chosen for analysis.

Include a claim of evaluation on the rhetorical effectiveness of the chosen texts.

Preview the conclusions drawn from the analysis.

2. How thoroughly does the analysis portion of the essay address the questions in the assignment sheet (below), for both artifacts/texts? (25 points):

What is the purpose of the argument? What does it hope to achieve?

Who is the audience, and how do you know? Who is ignored or excluded? Any stakeholders left out?

What appeals or techniques does the argument use–ethos, pathos, logos–and how?

What type of argument is it, and how does the genre/medium affect the argument?

Who is making the argument? What ethos does it create, and how does it do so? What values does the ethos evoke? How does it make the writer/creator seem trustworthy?

What authorities does the argument rely on or appeal to?

What facts, reasoning, and evidence are used in the argument? How are they presented?

What claims does the argument make? What issues are raised–or ignored or evaded?

What are the contexts–social, political, historical, cultural–for this argument? Whose interests does it serve? Who gains or loses by it?

How is the argument organized or arranged? What media does the argument use and how effectively? How does that medium limit and/or extend the argument? (Textual limitations? Accessibility limitations or opportunities?)

How does the language or style of the argument persuade an audience?

Can you identify any logical fallacies in either argument? Explain.

3. For any texts/artifacts that are include visual elements, how effectively does the author consider the following? (25 points):

How do the use of white space and balance impact the composition?

Discuss hierarchy as it applies to the design/document/text.

How do colors and contrast work to develop understanding and rhetorical effect? (Or how do they fail to do so?)

How do consistency and repetition of design elements function in the composition?

How do selected images impact the design and attempt to influence the reader?

How do selected typeface and fonts either help or hinder understanding of the composition?

4. For the conclusion section, how effectively does the author do each of the following? (25 points):

Highlight key conclusions from the analysis.
Draw connections between the two texts/artifacts.
Underscore the implications for this analysis on stakeholders.
Leave a lasting impression regarding the significance of this project on the reader.

How do selected typeface and fonts either help or hinder understanding of the composition?
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