Arbitrage Principle

Explain Risk Neutral behaviour and describe how it is different than Risk Averse and Risk Seeking behaviours in financial markets.

Financial Derivatives Question 1 Teachers Pension Fund has indicated interest in international investments in equity securities and has requested Alpha Seekers to consider the UK equity market. Alpha Seekers has indicated that such a portfolio would also require the use of different derivative contracts to manage risk and that generally it prefers to use exchange-traded […]

Estimate the Price and Value of different types of Derivative Contracts using financial theory and mathematical models.

Learning outcomes and pass attainment level: 1. Compare the features of different types of Derivative Contracts including forwards, futures, options and Swaps. 2. Assess the functioning of the global derivative markets and the ethical considerations as well as responsibility in the use of derivative contracts. 3. Evaluate the price and value of different financial derivatives […]

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