What are the implications of these ideas and critiques when it comes to interpreting the similarities and differences between stories?

Problems & Prospects of Comparison For a refresher, see The Truth of Myth pages 80-84, 105-06, and the video “Carl Jung – what are the archetypes?” by The Academy of Ideas. Now that you have read about some of the considerations that come along with comparison, what are the main critiques that you (or others) […]

Do you see Satan as a sympathetic character in any way? How so? If not, why not?

As noted in the introduction to Milton’s Paradise Lost, “…we are able to see Milton craft the characters not as archetypes, but as complex psychological personalities. Consider the increased humanity Milton offers Satan. In the poem, Satan is more than the embodiment of evil—he also has reason and emotion. Satan becomes more vindictive and petty […]

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