Discuss your role as an educator in supporting the families of children with significant delays and challenges.

Reading(s): Chapter 5 Considerations for Teaching Children with Specific Disabilities Articles 1. Misbehavior or Missed Opportunity? 2. Early Signs of Autism, Supporting Families & Referral 3. Culture, Play, and Family Supporting Children with ASD a) Summarize the text, synthesize the material with experience(s) and reflect on your own teaching philosophy related to students with one […]

Summarize three main points that you learned this week and describe how you might apply this learning to your personal and professional life.

CE 340-unit 5 journal details This week, you have discussed Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as a behavioral treatment and intervention for children with ASD. Please think about the various readings and activities that you have engaged in during this unit. In at least 250 words, please respond to the following: Summarize three main points that you learned […]

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