Atlantic slave trade

How can the “lessons learned” from these cases help us understand the failure of similar transnational coalitions to bring about a global climate change treaty?

Topic: The Power of Social Movements: Transnational Actors and International Politics The readings on the abolition of the Atlantic Slave trade and the adoption of the Ottowa Treaty, as the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention is known, offer a variety of arguments about the condition under which (transnational) social movements and advocacy networks have been successful […]

Explain based on your reading on West African society on what is most striking or surprising about these accounts?

Source of Reading: Robin D. G. Kelley and Earl Lewis’s To Make the World Anew: A History of African Americans and any additional readings related to the discussions and questions below. Discussion: The nature and makeup of West African societies in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries prior to and during the Atlantic slave trade. Based on […]

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