Provide descriptive information regarding the architectural model graphic, and the details describing the devices, applications, Cloud/Server environment and gateway. (2 pages)

Management is worried, after consulting with the IT department that the current documentation of the present architecture was not done correctly and with the required details, therefore if IoT is implemented they desire more detailed graphical documentation on its implementation. Provide the following components as part of an architecture model graphic to be delivered to […]

Identify where open source media analytics could be used to enhance corporations’ capability to look after their assets in high threat areas and make practical and realistic recommendations that could be implemented in corporate security plans.

Request an IT (informational technology) expert. Chicago referencing (abreviated footnotes and full text in bibliography) READ MY LITERATURE REVIEW & METHODOLOGICAL RESEARCH PAPER. have also included the papers attached which will help with the initial stages of research and will help form the foundation of the paper. Aim of dissertation: Identify where open source media […]

Prepare a research paper that deals with the steps to be taken in order to incorporate key aspects of business ethics and legal competency into the culture and business activity of your organization’s information technology component.

The CEO of an organization for which you currently work (or have worked at in the past), paid or volunteer, makes the following request: “I understand you are taking an ethics and law of technology course at CSUN taught by Professor Chumney who really encourages the practical application of the concepts you’ve learned in the […]

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