Write a brief essay (at least 300 words) in which you compare the Byronic manner of facing guilt with what the Bible says about how Christians should deal with guilt.

Respond to Byron’s worldview In the lesson on Lord Byron, you learned that the Byronic hero does not consider himself innocent. He broods over some unidentified and seemingly unforgivable sin in his past. Considering the world a “place of agony and strife” where he must “suffer” for this sin, the defiant and tormented hero turns […]

How is Richard III able to manipulate and seduce Lady Anne in the presence of her dead husband’s body?

Shakespeare Write on THREE of the following topics in 2 page essays. Best essays will have a clear beginning, middle and end (Opening Paragraph, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion Paragraph) and use direct quotations from the plays. How is the idea of the Pastorale (shepherds, country life, getting back to nature, the simple life) important for […]

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