Briefly explain what happen to each row in fact tables connected to the item of Item value “Merchandise”, and the Item value “Ticket”.

Databases City Boomers wants to create an analytical database to analyze its sales revenue. The only available data source is the City Boomers Revenue Database (depicted by the ER diagram in Figure 2.63 in mini case MC9 in Chapter 2, and the relational schema created in mini case MC9 in Chapter 3) Create a dimensional […]

Write Balance in the Item column and place a check mark (✓) in the Posting Reference column and prepare an unadjusted trial balance.

Chapter Review 6-9i Comprehensive Problem 2Palisade Creek Co. is a merchandising business that uses the perpetualinventory system. The account balances for Palisade Creek Co. as of May 1,20Y7 (unless otherwise indicated), are as follows:110 Cash $ 83,600112 Accounts Receivable 233,900115 Merchandise Inventory 652,400117 Prepaid Insurance 16,800118 Store Supplies 11,400123 Store Equipment 569,500124 Accumulated Depreciation—Store Equipment […]

List ways 4Ocean and other private organizations have made a direct or indirect impact on ocean conservation laws and policies.

opic: Support of government agency ocean conservation efforts by private organizations Outline: -List limitations of government agencies in ocean conservation efforts including limited funding -Example of 4Ocean as a private organization with the specific goal of ocean conservation -Discuss how 4Ocean uses merchandise created from ocean pollution plastic to support different ocean conservation causes -Describe […]

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