Metropolitan Museum

Examine this quote, select two works of art and/or advertising—each artwork should depicting subjects of a differing sex or gender presentation from the other.

Week 11 Discussion In this discussion, you will apply a materialist critique of art and analyze how pre-judgments impact perception. You will also consider the artist’s intention. Tasks In Ways of Seeing, Berger observes that in art and media, “men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at.” To examine this quote, select two […]

Describe the physical appearance of the work of art carefully putting what you see into your own words.Write about the colors, textures, and overall form of the work of art.

The Kongo Power Figure Writing Assignment #2: the Kongo Power Figure Instructions: Go the Metropolitan Museum’s website Type the accession number of the assigned work of art into “search” at the top right of the page. The number is 2008.30 Look at the image carefully and thoroughly. Zoom in on details. When […]

How would you change the medium (materials) and the iconography to suit the meaning and expressive character of the new artwork you imagine.

Find an image from European Old Master art (made between 1400−1800) and answer these questions based on it. Include all images in the paper. Select the work from a museum in New York (e.g. The Metropolitan Museum , the Brooklyn Museum , the Frick Collection or any comparable American or European Museum. a. Why did […]

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