Explain in your own words how scientists have determined that a large surplus of carbon in the air is from the human activities of burning fossil fuels.

Investigate Your Fossil Fuels Consumption To aid us in our estimation, we will use the online Fossil Fuels Calculator that will convert the measurable items that we use into amounts of fossil fuel that have been consumed. This calculator is able to do this based upon some assumptions about the mix of fuel in this […]

What does this graph tell you about the linear model’s assumption that the residuals are nearly normally distributed? Commit your work.

Assignment 9: How much for that car?  Install plotly Before running the set-up code chunk for this assignment, make sure you have installed the plotly library by running this line of code in the RStudio Console: install.packages(“plotly”)  Instructions In this assignment you will develop a model to study the effect of different variables on price […]

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