Provide an example of a vague language question a police officer may ask a witness to a robbery. Provide an example of the same question phrased without using vague language.

Wk 4 Discussion – Perception and Effective Communication in Witness Questioning When a criminal justice practitioner questions a witness to a robbery, what influences the witness’s perspective on the situation? When questioning a witness, why is it important for the criminal justice practitioner to understand that everyone sees situations from their own “lenses”? Provide an […]

What alternative punishments might be appropriate (if any)? Does the death penalty deter others from committing similar crimes?

After completing a thorough investigation into the robbery and serving your search warrant, both of your suspects were found guilty at trial. The next step of the Criminal Justice System (the sentencing phase) will begin. Because victim Roberts was shot in the head and killed, the State is seeking the death penalty for Steve Chapman. […]

Discuss the differences between the various methods law enforcement can use to investigate a homicide, robbery, and sexual assault.

Instructions For this assignment, you will compose an essay in which you discuss the topics that were covered in this unit, including the following components: The prevalence of homicide, robbery, and sexual assault in your local community, including which one occurs the most and why you think it occurs the most (The following link can […]

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