Romantic Partners

How was Knapp able to hide her drinking and symptoms from some people? What role did family issues, especially unspoken family secrets, have on her adult mental health and drinking behaviors?

Response to “Drinking: A Love Story” This should be about 3-4 pages long (double spaced) and can include personal as well as academic reflections if you desire. You may want to reflect on 1-3 of the questions below, but if you have other things on your mind, you may focus on those. Reflection topics: The […]

Review the research examining Power Hierarchies; discuss in detail how two key concepts applicable to this area of research supports or refutes how couples’ interactions within this episode and its implications according to the research.

Research Paper Question The paper should be double-spaced. It should be around a minimum 9 to maximum 12 pages 1. Power & Privilege Drawing upon the textbook research, explain how any two women’s social identities as discussed via the ADDRESSING Model shape their perceptions of and experiences with power and privilege in their relationship and […]

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