Sex marriage

Describe the evolution of the social movements (the gay rights movement or immigration rights movements, for example) that are a precursor for or have emerged as a result of your chosen issue.

Create a 15-20-slide presentation on either same-sex marriage. Many of the current political, legal, and social debates in U.S. society concern diversity and its related issues. Two of those debates have centered on immigration policy and same-sex marriage. These debates involve not only arguments regarding discriminatory treatment of particular ethnic groups or sexual minorities but […]

Do a base research to make sure you will be able to make the requirements for this assignment. You may end up needing to choose a different topic.

Assignment: all texts use specific and definable techniques to achieve a desired effect and almost anything can be read as a text. Additionally, media often tries to make us think critically about social issues to persuade us to view the issue in a particular light, to forward a course of action, or to express a […]

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