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Essay Writing Services is what any student in college or university could be looking for today. Young to older learners have a myriad of essays and other assignments to handle each year, team, and possibly every week! EssayMamba.com is renowned in the industry and receives numerous positive reviews from students from high school to graduates. Conversely, law students contact us for excellent essays now and then.

Fortunately, all our customers are happy when they contact us for essay writing services. We deal with a wide range of academic papers from assignments, term papers, and other professional documents. If you want our services, we guarantee that you will be happy like most of our customers and come back again for more orders. Here is a list of the services we offer at EssayMamba.com:

Standard Essays
  • Expository essays
  • Persuasive essays
  • Descriptive essays
  • Reflective essays
  • Argumentative essays
  • Narrative essays
  • Compare and contrast essays
Nonconforming Essays
  • Classification essays
  • Informative essays
  • Problem-solution essays
  • Analytical essays
  • Definition essays
Special Essays
  • Evaluation essays
  • 1000 words essays
  • 500 words essay
  • Illustration essays
  • Process essays
  • Formal essays

What are the qualifications of the essay writer we assign to work?

When you make your order from any of the categories as mentioned above, the first step our customer support will do is to find you a writer who will be a perfect fit for the assignment. Conversely, we help you by categorizing the subject matter into a specific field of study. We consider you include; the academic level of the paper to help us match the specific needs.

We also evaluate the difficulty level, the number of pages, and the set deadline for submitting the essay. When you provide all these details on the order form, we help you match the paper’s terms versus the academic level.

How is the management of the writing process at EssayMamba.com?

Once you get acquitted with the writer and know the expected outcome, we connect you with our logistics team, which will help you with the following: they guide you to fill in the order form appropriately. Ensure that you fill out all the provided spaces to work efficiently and deliver your paper on time. We look for the writer who is a perfect fit for the job who reviews your order and any other information that you have provided. When the writer starts working on your project, they keep constant communication so that you can let them know of any specifics. However, if the writer rejects your assignment, we quickly endorse another writer to work on your project. When you properly engage with your writer, he/she will keep you up to date with your paper’s progress, ask you for further clarifications and other resources you would like to see included in the final document. However, if you don’t have any other additional resources, our team will source the best information relevant to the subject matter and include it in the essay. We also encourage our customers to keep all communication open with the writer and offer timely responses so that the writer won’t get stuck when working on your project. Once the writer completes the project, we request you to check the work’s final draft and ask you to approve it.

Conversely, we also assign our editing team the document for proofreading and fact-checking to meet the required standards. We also run the project through a plagiarism checking tool to ensure that it’s 100 percent original. Please note that we don’t tolerate any plagiarized material, which rarely happens. If you are happy with the document, the next step is to download the project’s final copy. If you still feel it needs further improvement, you can request revisions based on our revisions policy.

Making the Most out of EssayMamba’s Personalized Essay Writing Services.

If you choose to work with a cheap and unprofessional writing service provider, you may not achieve the desired results. You must also put in some effort. Once you place your order, keep in mind all the steps and procedures you need to follow. We request that we give us more data on the task that you have assigned. Give other crucial details such as the font, margins, spacing, writing style, or any other specific details into your project. You are required to hand in the resource materials to help us deliver a high-value project. However, if you don’t have any of these details, we will try our best to find the best resources for you. You should submit a copy of the guidelines to your course instructor, which our team can easily follow. We request that you make yourself available or create a schedule to interact with our writer in the case of any changes or any additional information you would like to see included in the final document. Beware that our writer will not be held liable for any mistakes due to a delay in communication from the client’s side. Always keep your contacts up to date to help us reach you easily. We also encourage you to keep communicating via our portal and be candid about your level of education. If you are in high school, there can be several limitations, but we assure you that we can work on your assignment with parental approval. If you are not honest with the academic level, it can lead to an overly good paper for your level, raising suspicions with your course instructor. We may also require an additional fee from you because you did not give us the right information to help you. We also request you make revision requests as soon as possible to enable us to proceed with the project. If you ask our writer to revise one day before the deadline, we will not guarantee that we will work on it and offer the best results that you desire. Check for updates now and then and express your apprehensions on time and in case you have any problem, please let us know in writing.

EssayMamba Essay Writing Agency US Non-plagiarism Clause

Our company doesn’t tolerate copied content. Besides, we encourage our writers and professionals to write papers from scratch to observe the originality clause. We also reward non-plagiarized content and outstanding work, which encourages creativity and freedom of expression. However, we also check their work so that they don’t go beyond the stipulated standards. If a student is required to hand in a mid-level essay, we will exactly provide an award-winning essay, which can raise suspicion. It’s important to note that we offer to help learners at various levels to eventually create their essays that are logical and flow well, which is part of our support system for all students.

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