How can Rock King Plan for the Increasing Wage Requirements?

Click on the link and read the case study for Burger King. The business environment is changing as are the needs of people working in these positions. In this case study, answer the question at the top, “How can Rock King Plan for the Increasing Wage Requirements?” Also, explore the fast-food business model. Does it still work? How can a change in wage affect consumption? What other issues may Burger King face in the current work climate?

A key strength for business leadership is to know what you do well and what you do not know. Synthesize business functions and the role of each in your newly proposed business initiative (as outlined in question 2) (SLO 2.3).

Select any three of the business functions, and synthesize the role of each function and how it interplays with other pertinent business functions for Burger King. (Topics you could include: revenue streams, knowing costs, a clear mission, and vision, sales, promotions, distribution, organizational structure)

Management Marketing Customer Service

Human Resources Strategy Accounting

Manufacturing Finance Data Analytics

Production and Operations

Information Technology

APA format – Cover page, essay, references

Written Exam Rubric:

Synthesize business terminology and business functions with how they apply to innovation. (SLO 2.3)

Rao, Harika- BUS 150 Written Exam Rubric v2018

How can Rock King Plan for the Increasing Wage Requirements?
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