Design and propose new disruptive innovations?

Assignment: Designing and proposing new disruptive innovations

Words: 3000 (+/- 10%)

General info on assignment:

The final assignment will seek to get insights into start-ups and how they can actively seek to innovate, create value, and progressively exploit that value through disruption.

To do so, you are required to select a sector of your choice and determine the market dynamics that exist in that sector- [who the major players are; how value is currently being created and offered; pricing mechanism; business models within the sector as well as country outlook]. Once these and other variables have been determined- design an elaborate business concept and model that will seek to explore the innovation gaps, value gaps, and eventually disrupt the incumbent players.  The concept must acknowledge the gaps, opportunities, or seek to solve as well as offer tradeable value. How this value is delivered to the selected market segment will be vital as it will drive the overall as well as underlying strategy.


Students must create the scenarios prevalent in the sector, market, and offer of current players- before they start developing their propositions.

Students can assume that they are working as part of an established company that is seeking to create a new strategic business unit [SBU] or start-up within a much larger entity. Here, justifying why? [Risk mitigating] must be articulated or opportunity exploitation to avoid giving the new entrants a competitive advantage

Students are encouraged to pick sectors of their own interest, those that offer the best opportunity for new entry and disruption.

Acknowledge drivers of innovation, value offer, etc- for example- security, convenience, trust, brand equity, cost leadership, customer/market trends, etc

Students are encouraged to use the theoretical models, frameworks, and strategies discussed in class to underpin the central arguments they put forward

Design and propose new disruptive innovations?
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