Explore a social problem that concerns you, using course materials

Have provided you with course ,material needed for my topic, use another internet source to get more info on the topic

the topic is – Marijuana incarcerations.

Complete the following task and read it carefully :

Essay: Explore a social problem that concerns you, using course materials

Make sure that the problem you are considering is a SOCIAL problem: not a debate about political policies. If you consider such policies a social problem, however, then you need to explore it as such–NOT as a political debate

Now use the textbook, Dalton Conley’s You May Ask Yourself, as well as other materials, especially the material I’ve provided in the ppts and supplementary readings, as well as the classical theories of socialization ppt, to explore the following. Explore BOTH of these:

a) what is the severity of the effects of this problem on society? Find statistics, give any personal experiences of how this problem hurt people, present in the textbook or the course materials, along with your own.

b) what is/are the sociological cause(s), the independent variable(s), that give rise to this problem? (if you are considering a problem that has anything to do with racism and sexism, you MUST go beyond the (liberal) explanations offered by Conley, and comprehend and relate the more radical explanations in my document, which I’ve posted in the Week V Learning Module, on the subject.

In the Conley textbook, don’t limit yourself to the chapters we’ve already discussed. Use the table of contents, the index, etc. to find answers to this question in the entire textbook. If you can’t find an explanation/exploration of the social problem you wanted to explore here in this textbook, or in the course materials, then pick another problem for which you can use the textbook and the course materials on blackboard. .

I’m not asking you primarily for purely PSYCHOLOGICAL explanations, and especially not MORALISTIC explanations. Answers like “people just do the wrong thing because they’re bullheaded” are not appropriate. WHY do people do the wrong thing, SOCIOLOGICALLY? USE YOUR SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGINATION to explore the SOCIAL DYNAMICS underlying and causing the problem.

And I’m particularly NOT asking you for solutions to the problem. And “explanations” for the problem like “people are not educated in what the right thing to do is,” is just a backhanded way of providing a solution, not an explanation of the cause for the problem. Solutions can wait until the final essay at the end of the course. Or, if you feel like introducing it here, only in your CONCLUSION. This should not be the body of your essay.

On THIS basis, write an essay of two pages in length, double spaced, 12 point, with one inch margins. copy paste this once you’ve written it with your word processor, into the submission box, AND attach it as a file.

Use Chicago or APA style for your bibliographical references. To avoid plagiarism, use short quotes or short paraphrases from the textbook,and then explain these quotes and paraphrases, and apply them to your topic, in your own word. Don’t presume to let Dalton Conley, or anybody else, write your paper for you! Check the SafeAssign report to assure yourself you are not plagiarizing. Use the textbook as your primary source. Use the internet if you would like, but only after you search the textbook for the treatment of the causes relevant to your problem.

Explore a social problem that concerns you, using course materials
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