How does this apply to the real world? How could any changes be incorporated in the workplace?

This assignment will offer students the opportunity to demonstrate adequate understanding levels regarding a number of the expected learner outcomes of this course. The prompt and specific criteria for this essay assignment are as follows:

• The student must select a research topic for this research assignment which is directly relevant to ethics of punishment and corrections (outlined in Chapters 11, 12, and 13).
• Once the research topic has been identified, researched, and critically analyzed, apply five (5) solutions-based concepts from the textbook to address issues presented in the problem statement.
• Complete the research paper on the particular topic they have selected which is composed using the following format:

Introduction and Background of the issue researched/studied.
Topic Discussion: A brief description (1–2 pages) of the research topic and a justification for why the issue is important for the criminal justice system.
A Problem Statement, explaining the importance of the issue in relation to ethics in criminal justice (e.g., What are the problems that are caused? Why is it important to understand and consider action?).
Findings/Recommendations (your recommendations incorporating five solutions from the textbook as a model for change).
Application/Action-orientation (How does this apply to the real world? How could any changes be incorporated in the workplace? What obstacles, i.e., personnel, societal, administrative, legal, etc. resistance to change might exist and how could these be minimized?).
Conclusion (Wrap up, synthesize and restate the importance of your research in the criminal justice system).
References page(s).
Minimum length of eight double spaced pages using APA 7th Edition formatting guidelines. Students are not required to include a table of contents or an abstract with this essay assignment. Students will be required to include a title page and reference page(s) with this assignment which will not be counted towards the eight double spaced pages minimum requirement. Minimum of eight different sources required to be cited in the essay assignment with at least six of these sources being scholarly peer-reviewed academic journal articles published within the past 10 years. Students may use the course textbook as a source for this assignment. Students must compose this essay assignment using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word and submit it within the Assignments portion of the online course room as an attached document. Please see the Course Assignments Rubric available within the Turnitin assignment submission area for the specific grading criteria for this assignment.

How does this apply to the real world? How could any changes be incorporated in the workplace?
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