Prepare an oral presentation?

Teams will consist of 4-5 students presenting a well thought out, and executable marketing plan, by applying what we have covered over the course of study to an organization of your choosing (The Frick Collection).


For this portion, groups will be evaluated on their facility at:

  • Clear and effective presentation
  • Well thought out objectives
  • Likely effectiveness of tactics to deliver against objectives
  • Creativity and persuasiveness


Each team of students will prepare an oral presentation. They will select an arts institution, business, or production for which to develop a marketing plan. The oral presentation will consist of four sections:

  • Situation analysis
  • Market objective(s) and Target Audience
  • Marketing Tactics (3 that will deliver against the stated objective)
  • Research Objectives and Rationale

in charge of “marketing tactics” and these are marketing objective and target audience we decided:

– Increase brand awareness of the museum

  • Collection
  • Social media presence


– Attract patronage, especially young patrons; young audience


– Increase revenue


Prepare an oral presentation?
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