Review the CMS sources under Qualified Clinical Data Registries

Watch the CMS MACRA/MIPS webinar and the PA Medical Society MACRA webinars. Quality reporting can only be done using a Qualified Clinical Data Registries (QCDR).

In this scenario, The Medical society has approached your organization, American Specialty Health (ASH), a leader in specialty health benefits management, to help recruit chiropractors to participate in CINs.Typically chiropractic care has not been included in many quality initiatives. ASH has published a 13-year study on chiropractic radiological utilization rates. This study has resulted in evidence based treatment guidelines to improve quality in chiropractic care. Your goal as the business development leader is to use your expertise to attract other chiropractors to participate in a CIN.

  1. Using the “Chiropractic Quality Initiative” Case Study and the article, “Improving Our Nation’s Health Care System,” fill out the Strategic Plan template found in the resource list. This will be used to hand out to other chiropractic offices to inform them of the opportunity available to them by participating in a quality initiative. You may also pull additional information from the webinars you watched or evidence from additional research (optional). You will need to provide a comprehensive description for each section of the Strategic plan template. Each section should provide enough detail to a person who is not familiar with MIPS can understand the benefits of participation.
  2. Your strategic plan should be 5 pages in APA format.
  3. Review the CMS sources under Qualified Clinical Data Registries. As you review the organization’s offerings and pricing, choose a QCDR you would choose on behalf of a group of chiropractors. You may research the National Quality Forum measures listed to understand the best option for your CIN. Remember you are choosing based on offerings and pricing. If you are unsure of your choice, contact your instructor for support.
  4. When you are finished, submit word document containing your filled out Strategic Plan template to be assessed.
Review the CMS sources under Qualified Clinical Data Registries
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