Create a Word document to answer the following


Open the data file with about 100 cases that you saved before. There are three columns or variables. The first (LoP) shows which Level of Processing was used, The second and third (Fam and Unfam) tabulate the number of words correctly recalled by each participant for Familiar and Unfamiliar words respectively.

Create a Word document to answer the following:

a) Edit the variable LoP to give it a label “Level of Processing”, and value labels, 1= Spelling, 2 = Phonetic, 3 = Semantic. Label the variables Fam and Unfam as “Recall ofFamiliar Words” and “Recall of Unfamiliar Words” respectively (10)

b) By looking at how the SPSS data has been entered, and based on the description above, describe (informally) the design of the experiment in terms of factors, levels and betweenvs. within design. (10)

c) Specify what type of Analysis will be needed based on the design. Explain what assumptions are needed for the analysis, and explore and report whether the data meets these assumptions, including output from SPSS where relevant. (15)

d) Generate a table of the means, standard deviations and N for the conditions of the Experimentand Copy and Paste it into your document. (5)

e) Generate a Bar chart in SPSS showing 95% Confidence Intervals as Error Bars for the three levels of processing conditions for familiar and unfamiliar words. Copy and Paste the chart into your document. (5)

f) Submit the data to Analysis of Variance, and Copy and Paste the following two Tables into WORD:• Tests of Within-Subjects Effects• Tests of Between-Subjects EffectsUsing the appropriate APA format, report the results of the ANOVA, including specifying the number of factors and their levels, whether the factors were within or between subjects, F ratios with df, their statistical significance and estimates of Effect Size (partial eta squared). Be careful to use correct APA formatting. (15) g) Based on the Bar chart and the results of the ANOVA, carefully describe the results of the Experiment, explaining in your own words, how each of the factors individually affected word recall, and explaining the interaction** between the factors. (You do not need to repeat the statistics here.) (20)h) Perform and report a breakdown analysis** (analysis of Simple Main Effects) of the interaction to see whether there were significant effects of Levels of Processing condition on memory for familiar and for unfamiliar words separately. Copy and Paste the relevant tables from SPSS, and say what can be concluded. (10) i) Perform and report Bonferroni post-hoc tests on the Levels of Processing factor for the Unfamiliar Words only, and report whether the Spelling condition differed significantly from each of the other two. Copy and Paste the relevant tables from SPSS. (10)**Note: If the interaction was not significant in your sample, you should still answer (f) and (g) as if it had been significan

Create a Word document to answer the following
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