Pick one of these areas to use to write a specific problem statement

 DIRECTIONS— FOLLOW carefully and refer to the grading rubric for additional guidance



  • Fill in each box with, concise statements. (The boxes will expand to fit what you type in
  • use size 11 font.
  • You will need to find two or three primary research articles and will need to list them in proper APA format in the space provided
  • FOR CITATIONS- for this exercise you may use the article you have selected as the citation even though the information you are citing has another primary source. (This is not usual way to do this.) For example, you find an article that discusses an intervention.  In the introduction discussing the problem, they cite the CDC’s data about scope of problem.  Ordinarily, you should find the CDC citation yourself or another resource.  For this exercise, you can cite the author or article you are using for the assignment.
  • use APA for correct formatting of references and citations).


In addition to the suggestions above you should look at articles you have read, are reading, etc.  You will find their problem statements usually in the first few paragraphs and further developed in background section.  This video may be helpful in thinking about your problem statement: Problem Statements – Bing video

  • You will need to phrase as a PROBLEM that is common to this area. Here are some examples:
  • Older adults in our community are not getting their flu shots. So, problem might be phrased like –older adults in Brooklyn are at greater risk for getting flu as few are immunized.  A contributing factor might be fear of getting COVID-19 if they leave house.
  • People who have had a stroke are having worse out comes than the national benchmark. Here a contributing factor would be time from admit to scan which is supposed to be 25 minutes).

Pick one of these areas to use to write a specific problem statement:

  • Patients on your unit who have had abdominal surgery have had many would infections.
  • Your home care agency is seeing patients having wide fluctuations in their hemoglobin A1C.
  • A large number of your patients are having post-op atelectasis.



Pick one of these areas to use to write a specific problem statement
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