Provide a comprehensive financial plan for a family of four

Term Project: A comprehensive financial plan for a family of four. The guidelines below are provided for your reference. However, you can conduct your project in any creative way you would like. Sample projects posted on Titanium are available for your reference.

Your paper should be around 15 pages, and include the following:
• Family’s background information (5% weight)
• Family’s financial information (Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Federal Income Tax Return with Schedule A) (20% weight)
• Family’s financial goals (short, intermediate and long-term) (5% weight)
• Financial analysis and advising. This is most critical part of the project and will carry 70% weight of your total project grade (30 points). Based on the family’s financial information, you need to explain whether the family can achieve al their financial goals. If yes, explain what they need to do to achieve their goals. If not, explain how they should adjust their financial goals.
• Conclusion

Your project will be graded based on the following:
• Complexity of case set-up
• Numbers of total 15 chapters covered (The purpose is to encourage you including more contents covered in the class.)
• Strategic planning and advising
• Financial ratio analysis

Project Grading Policy

A – Cover all the chapters (except Ch.16 and Ch.17) with thorough financial analysis (number analysis)
B – Cover all the chapters but missing some financial analysis
C – Missing chapters and a few of financial analysis
D – Missing more than 7 chapters with little financial analysis
F – Not submitting

Provide a comprehensive financial plan for a family of four
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