Why Healthcare can’t be free in the United States.

Selected topic for this paper is why Healthcare can’t be free in the United States.

The purpose of this assignment is for students to integrate course concepts and what they have learning during class. The focus is on a part of a healthcare system in which you wish to become employed in as well as including student values, leadership, teamwork, communication, ethics, inclusion, and diversity.
Students will analyze a health care system issue (Free Healthcare can’t work in the United States) from 3 different perspectives, that must be supported by references and current evidence from the literature in a 5-6 page scholarly written paper in APA format (excluding title and reference pages). See GRADING RUBRIC on Canvas.
Use Microsoft Word or a compatible word-processing application to complete this assignment. Note formatting requirements within the assignment document. Sample Papers: Intended for you to give you a sense of what is expected from the assignment. Papers are part of SimCheck. Do not plagiarize.

Attached is the instructions of the assignment, samples of perspectives, and a sample paper from a past student (**Their topic is different from mine**)

Why Healthcare can’t be free in the United States.
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