What differences and similarities exist between communicable and non-communicable diseases/disorders based on your choices?

Final Part: Understanding Health and Disease Part II: Evidence-based Diagnosis In this section, discuss the evidence that clinicians gather to diagnose the two diseases/disorders that you selected for Part 1. Use only credible sources for your Part II sources Part II submission should include the following information for both diseases you chose in Part I: […]

Complete a biology project on the removal of Methane gas using coal packing. How does your project work/what is the intended impact?

Biology Project – Removal of Methane gas using coal packing A video recording of your presentation (100 pts). You can use Kaltura, Zoom, PowerPoint audio recording feature, or any video ( only voice )( no video) recording method that allows you to show your presentation slides. Your project must include three main parts Specific background […]

Explain what happened to the survivor fish that swam from the Gulf of Mexico to the freshwater lake. What would happen to a freshwater fish that suddenly found itself in the Atlantic Ocean? Explain.

Osmosis All cells contain a plasma membrane or cell membrane that forms the boundary of the cell. Among its many functions, it will act as the gatekeeper to regulate what materials can move into and out of the cell. Water moves easily across this border. Water movement is essential for the cell to maintain homeostasis. […]

Calculate the change in absorption using the formula ABS0 – ABST (Absorption at time 0 min – the Absorption at time T min) and place the values in Table 2.

Biology Report The data you will need to answer the following questions are listed in Table 1. Table 1: Color, estimated pH and absorption every 10 min from the bicarbonate solution. Time (min) W Syringe G Syringe Color Estimated pH Absorption Å Color Estimated pH Absorption Å 0   Red/Purple 8.8 0.779 Red/Purple 8.8 0.761 […]

Pick a particular organ or organ system. Describe how that organ or organ system contributes to maintaining homeostasis.

Discussion 6 Pick a particular organ or organ system. Describe how that organ or organ system contributes to maintaining homeostasis. Then, describe a condition/disease of that system that hinders that organ or organ system’s ability to do its job to maintain homeostasis. Be detailed.

Understand the significance of blood pressure and interpret the blood pressure. Determine the effect of meditation on your pulse (and blood pressure).

Lab 15: Pulse and Heart Health             Overview The cardiovascular system ensures that all the body tissues receive adequate nutrition and oxygen, while eliminating wastes. The heart is the pump that drives blood flow.  For this reason, alterations to heart functioning can have devastating consequences for the body. In this […]

What is your experimental subject, and what biological phenomenon are you trying to uncover? In no more than five sentences describe the manipulations you performed to answer the question.

U BIOS Laboratory Maintain a notebook in order to record their observations, thoughts, and conclusions. In your notebook, write down anything you learn or would like to revisit to enable you to study for quizzes and write your lab logs. This notebook will never be graded or collected and is different from your laboratory log. […]

How much confidence do you have in your results given differences between models? What biotic and abiotic factors might limit your species ability move to new suitable habitat?

ASSIGNMENT: TREES What is the geographic distribution of your trees? Based on your analyses, what is the range of your trees? Compare this to the Plants USDA map and discuss any differences. 2.What is the climate niche of your trees? Based on your analyses, what type of climate habitat does your tree live in currently? […]

Write a 5-7 page paper, focusing on digestive system of rabbit. Describe in your own words the major anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) of the system.

Anatomy and Physiology II Final Paper: DIGESTIVE SYSTEM OF RABBIT Your final project will be a 5-7 page paper, focusing on DIGESTIVE SYSTEM of RABBIT. Use this system as the starting point, and then relate it to the other systems we have studied. For example, if you choose the skeletal system, you would not only […]

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