Criminological theories

Given your analysis of the issue, discuss the impact on society and what problems need to be addressed to remedy the negative ramifications.

ASSIGNMENT For this assignment, select a contemporary issue that is negatively impacting the delivery of criminal justice—one that will be the focus of your final case analysis and recommendation brief. Although you may choose your own topic, you may not choose public policy. In this draft, demonstrate your understanding of the issue and its history, […]

What sorts of factors does Dr. Bonta’s theory of crime focus on and what sort of approach does he advocate for when deciding whether a theory has merit?

Reflection Assignment 3: Criminological Versus Psychological Theories of Crime Read this interview and answer the following questions. According to the interview with Dr. Bonta, in what ways do criminological theories of crime and psychological theories of crime fundamentally differ from one another? What sorts of factors does Dr. Bonta’s theory of crime focus on and […]

In 100 to 150 words for each theory, describe how you believe it explains the criminal behavior.

MURDER AND SELLING DRUGS While the intention of criminological theories is to explain why people commit crimes, the results of some theories when applied may lead to unethical outcomes. For example, the theory that genetic testing can help identify people that may be more likely to commit crime may seem like a scientifically logical way […]

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