Select a real-life, notorious crime committed by a juvenile. Argue for one of the particular delinquency theories as the most appropriate explanation for the perpetrator’s actions.

Topic: Juvenile Delinquency The course materials present a number of criminological, sociological, and developmental theories that endeavor to explain delinquent behavior among juveniles. In this assignment, you will select a real-life, notorious crime committed by a juvenile. This may be a crime perpetrated by a juvenile many years ago, or a case that is still […]

Write a research paper on an argument on the impact of Drug Policy on the Criminal Justice.

The Impact of Drug Policy on the Criminal Justice Introduction: The introduction is designed to provide a conceptual framework which maps out the direction and nature of your research question. It should provide a clearly discernable question or research proposition as well as a criminological justification for the research (25 Points) Background: The background section […]

Explain and select an appropriate methodological approach and sampling strategy and design data collection instrument/s for a specified research project.

This assessment requires students to describe key elements of research design.  To complete this assessment, making sure to discuss: Whether the study is quantitative, qualitative or uses a mixed-methods approach Whether it is cross-sectional or longitudinal Whether there is a control group (e.g. randomly assigned or matched) A step-by-step explanation or ‘blueprint’ of how the […]

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