Calculate the RTY for a process where 10000 widgets are produced of which 800 are returned for rework and 400 of those 800 are set to customers.

Logistics Assignment If you cannot draw the process, then a. You don’t understand it b. Start Lean Mapping c. It doesn’t exist d. stop the process e. take an art class f. answers a and c g. a, b, and c Mass production was first iconized by a. Toyota b. Ford c. Motorola d. Enron […]

What are the issues that must be considered before dividing a task into smaller subtasks? Why not divide it into as many as possible?

Assignment The mean time to expose a single panel in a circuit-board plant is 2 minutes with a standard deviation of 1.5 minutes. (a) What is the natural coefficient of variation? (b) If the times remain independent, what will be the mean and variance of a job of 60 panels? What will be the coefficient […]

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