Compare and contrast the cognitive interventions presented in your articles (at least one intervention per article) and explain why you think they would be effective.

Milestone One Cognitive Create an annotated bibliography entry for the primary source provided. Sources should be described in your own words for a general audience. Your entry should include a summary of the following: The problem addressed The methodology, measurements, and sample The findings Conclusions and limitations of the research design Mnemonic strategy training improves […]

Discuss the results of the assessments and in what ways you see your results reflecting your current life. Include a discussion of ethical misconduct, specifically noting the most frequently occurring ethical violations in your state.

Counseling: BENCHMARK COUNSELOR IMPAIRMENT AND WELLNESS PAPER ASSIGNMENT In more recent years, the American Counseling Association (ACA) has recognized that professional counselors, like all helping professions, are at a higher risk for burnout, vicarious trauma, and impairment.  For this assignment, you will: Write a 6 page paper in current APA format with professional guidelines including […]

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