Michael Brown

Explain ways in which racial biases and unfair practices impact the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Written Assignment – Bias in Law Enforcement Assignment Background For this assignment, you will need to research the history of racial bias and unfair practices between law enforcement officers and minorities. To help get you started, you may want to watch one or both of these videos. Michael Brown and Ferguson And America After Ferguson […]

Do you think that the officer who shot Brown had other options available to him? What would they have been?

The Case The Michael Brown Shooting Read the case: The Michael Brown Shooting on pg. 232 of Chapter 13 in our text The Case of Michael Brown raises some interesting questions: 1. The officer involved in the Michael Brown shooting was not indicted by the grand jury that heard the case. Why? 2. Do you […]

Discuss the African American Lack of Oppurtunity

African American Lack of Oppurtunity Lack of opportunities for African Americans can be defined as the state of insufficiency in the chances available to better their lives and live a decent life. The problem of lack of opportunities for African-Americans is a serious problem that is taking a toll on the lives of African Americans. […]

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