What health disparities will occur for this group if there is a deficiency or excess of at least one macronutrient and one micronutrient?

DISCUSSION Respond to the following discussion question using apa format in 8-10 sentences within text citation 1.Choose one of the populations below: Infants Formula and breastfed children Pregnant and lactating adults Older adults Develop a substantial initial post regarding your chosen population that addresses all the points below: Discuss the developmental and socioeconomic factors that […]

Analyze nutrient intake for each macro and micronutrient, develop an evidence-based diet plan and goals to improve your diet.

Food Diary Analysis Maintaining your diary: You will use the MyFitnessPal food diary app to record everything that goes into your digestive system over the course of three days. Record everything you eat and drink and record the name and dosage of any medications that you take, including vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements. It is preferable to […]

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