Retail industry

Explain about how COVID-19 has impacted retail businesses/the retail industry. Provide details about change processes that can be used to successfully carry out these organizational changes.

The impact of change processes, to respond to the ever-changing world around us, need to be considered, especially in terms of how changes impact individuals, teams, and organizations. Scenario In February of 2020, a large online retailer began to experience the impact of COVID-19. Many employees were sick, could not come into the office due […]

What changes are occurring in the industry that impact how products are developed and delivered to the end consumer?

Review the following in preparation for your essay. Supply Chain: All organizations, processes, and activities involved in the flow of goods from the raw materials to the final consumer. Supply Chain Management (SCM): Planning and coordinating the movement of products along the supply chain. Logistics: Part of supply chain management that focuses on the tactics […]

Describe your company’s marketing industry and discuss if this industry will have short, medium, and long growth in the next 10 years, why or why not, and the reason you have chosen this industry.

 Marketing Plan This Assignment will develop a marketing plan for the business idea.  You will use all of your past knowledge, skills, and abilities generated in your Marketing class in the Bachelors of Applied Science degree program. You will create a Marketing Plan for your new or using an existing company from Week 1 for a (1) new product […]

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