Risk response

Use a template to complete the project risk analyses and risk response strategy sections. For at least 5 risks, perform a qualitative risk analysis, and complete the probability and impact matrix.

Unit 3 – Individual Project Use a template to complete the project risk Analyses and Risk Response Strategy sections. You may use those risks that you identified in Unit 2 or come up with new ones based on a different project scenario of your choosing. Complete the Project Risk Analyses section by doing the following: […]

Summarize the approach for developing risk response strategies. For example, which risks will you first attempt to avoid? Will you do it based on the risk factor score (P*I) or on EMV?

Final Project: Risk Management Plan The Project Management Institute (2017) describes ten strategies for responding to project risks. Five strategies are used for threats (negative risks), and five are used for opportunities (positive risks). Taking into account the Pepsi Refresh Project case study and the risks that you identified in previous weeks for this case […]

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