Compose a message to the public and family members that explains the final report of the accident, and includes any other information that you feel might be important.

ASSIGNMENT For this assignment you will put yourself in the shoes of a NTSB spokesperson that has to deliver news about an aircraft accident to the public. For this assignment, you will need to research this specific accident: Date: August 16, 1987 Location: Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, Romulus, Michigan Aircraft: DC-9-82 Airline: Northwest Airlines […]

Select a character (or characters) from a myth or epic in Unit 2 who is compelled to seek revenge. Identify the origins of the myth by telling where and when it comes from.

Unit 2: Greece and Rome Reflect on the cultural values and universal lessons found in the myths selected for this unit. Choose one of the options below and write a short essay. Do either Option A or Option B. Do not do both.Option A: Short Essay TopicsChoose one of the topics below to write a […]

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