Critically discuss and evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of implementing such technology in the organisation.

Word count 2,000 words.
This is a essay assessment to examine your awareness of current affairs, challenges, technological developments, trends and issues in relation to recent development in computer science. The essay fulfils the learning outcome where you are to critically appraise the emerging trends in the field of computer science, and the professional and ethical requirements for dealing with such contemporary computer-based technologies. For this task, you need to select an organisation as a case example for which secondary information is available through articles, webpages or you may have a contact working for this organisation.
Assignment Topic
Select an emerging theme that you wish to investigate. It may include, social medial, virtual environment, corporate and social responsibility, or any other recent advances. You may visit a site to check the recent call for conference papers, like the one below.
a. Go to the ECIS 2020 conference page on the conference website and view the full programme (PDF).
b. There are a number of tracks (or themes) provided to authors. You may select any one of these themes as the title of your paper. Alternatively, you may take any of these topics and narrow it down to a particular interest of yours.
Decide on the direction of your research and a company for which you will conduct a case study. Your research should be of interest to current societal needs and be applied on a case organisation.
a. Carry out a background research on your chosen topic. The aim of this step is for you to find out what is current in the chosen topic, and what research has been carried out so far. This will help you to decide the direction of your research.
b. You must select an organisation which you will be investigating as a case example in your essay. This should be a suitably large corporation on which you will apply the concepts of information system strategy and management.
c. Select an appropriate title for your essay. The research carried out so far should help you in this. HINT: Try to come up with a title that is catchy and will attract the curiosity of a reader.
Now investigate the issues below in the context of your chosen organisation. Your investigation should be limited within the scope of your chosen topics, i.e., social media, virtual environment, corporate and social responsibility, cloud management, big data or artificial intelligence.
a. Office, process and document automations have changed the business atmosphere in terms of operations and co-operations. Evaluate, with examples, how your chosen organisation has adapted the technology that has facilitated the changes in working practices and habits, productivity and management efficiencies.
b. Critically discuss and evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of implementing such technology in the organisation.
c. Competitive advantage is one of the benefits businesses strive to achieve in the application and use of information systems. Critically analyse with the aid of diagrams, models and/or frameworks, how the organisation can achieve efficiency by implementing the technology that you are proposing.
d. Outline the threats, security and other challenges that your proposed technology can impose on the organisation. What recommendations do you have to protect this organisation from these threats?
Assignment Guidance
Your essay should contain:
• A description of the context of your essay in the form of an overview, i.e. the theme and organisation you have selected, background and the rationale for selection.
• Research contents on the technology analysed, its associated problems, and solution proposal.
• Scholarly review of the suggested solutions, in-depth proposed solution, use of models for application/enhancement of the technology, i.e. technology adaptation models, and identifying social impacts and threats.
• Presentation of your findings.
Learning Outcomes
• Identify and explain the architecture, structure and functionality of basic components of a computer system.
• Critically appraise the emerging trends in the field, such as cloud computing, big data, cyber security, and the professional and ethical requirements for dealing with such contemporary computer-based technologies.
Turnitin Originality Check
Before submitting your assignment, it is important to check the originality of your work by submitting your assignment to Turnitin.
By submitting your assignment to this tool you will receive an originality report which can be used to check that you have not included other authors work without correct citation. It is important to note that submitting your work to the Turnitin Originality Check tool does not count as a submission of your final work. You must still submit your assignment below.
Academic Integrity and Plagiarism
We take academic integrity very seriously. Academic integrity means acting with fairness and honesty, giving credit to others where you are referring to their ideas or research and respecting the work of others. Plagiarism is defined as: ‘Using or copying the work of others (whether written, printed or in any other form) without proper acknowledgement’. Before you finalise your assignment take time to check that all your statements are backed up with supporting evidence, that all sources you use – whether referring to their ideas, quoting directly or paraphrasing – are correctly referenced in the text. Correct use of referencing acknowledges the academic whose work has informed yours, enables the reader to find the sources you have used and demonstrates your ability to find and analyse relevant information.
Failure to properly acknowledge the work of others is an academic offence and may result in your work incurring a penalty or, in the most serious cases, you being removed from the course for academic dishonesty.
Note, a word count penalty applies to this assessment.
If your assessment exceeds the word count limit or range by more than 10% then your awarded grade will be reduced by 10% grade points.
Not meeting the word count
There is no grade reduction applied if your assignment does not meet the word count range or limit, but to maximise your opportunity to achieve the highest grade possible, you should aim to meet the word count or range as closely as possible.
Departmental guidelines on preparation and submission of coursework
• Assignments should be submitted in either MS Word or Open Office format unless stated otherwise on the assignment submission page.
• Use standard margins: 1″ (2.5cm) on all sides.
• Use standard Arial 12-point font size.
• Use double-line spacing.
• Pages should be numbered consecutively.
• Your work should be correctly referenced.

Critically discuss and evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of implementing such technology in the organisation.
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