What figure will you be explaining for your video? Is this finding (the finding shown by your figure) the main finding that was discussed in the popular article?

Immunology Link to your popular article: Link to your peer-reviewed primary article: Answer the following questions based on the articles mentioned above: 1.What figure will you be explaining for your video? This should be a single figure from your peer-reviewed primary article (or even part of a figure… if your figure has parts […]

Explain how your health problem is connected to your community of interest/priority population  & prevalence of the health problem in the community, including looking at relevant sub-groups.

Immunology Question In a 1-2 page, double spaced paper include the following, noting that these can be listed in the order that is the best fit for your topic: Name the health problem that your proposal will be focused on and define it. Provide national and/or state statistics to illustrate the health topic in the […]

Create a list of questions and then conduct at least one interview with someone you call or are in contact with for your story.

ASSIGNMENT News Story Project Guide Modified from: Use the traditional newspaper templates on words Step 1: Work individually to create a list of possible news story topics. These topics should not be identical to the topics found at major media outlets. The article must focus on ONE of the following: a scientific study conducted […]

Discuss the material written in your essay, give an account of the role of immune system in maintaining health.

• The course work should demonstrate a good understanding the function of the immune system. The focus should be on how the immune system protects the body against disease, and how immunology has increased our understanding of the mechanisms of diseases and/or has facilitated improved diagnosis, prevention or treatment. You should also address new developments. […]

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