Calculate the mole fractions of methanol and ethanol in a solution obtained by mixing 100 g of each. Calculate the partial pressures and the total vapor pressure of the solution.

HOMEWORK SET No. 8 The boiling point of hexane at 1 atm is 68.7 °C. What is the boiling point at 1 bar? Given: The vapor pressure of hexane at 49.6 o C is 53.32 k Pa. Liquid mercury has a density of 13.690 g cm−3 , and solid mercury has a density of 14.193 […]

Review your observations of the behavior of the cube in each liquid. Which liquids can you use to make your suspension mixture?

Density of a Plastic cube The lab report must include; Introduction, Hypothesis (if available), Materials and Methods, Results, and Discussion. Add references and format in APA style. Materials: Equments – Balance, Graduated cylinder, Glass Rods, Polypropylene cubes, Caliper Chemicals – Water, 1,2 – Dichloroethane, Methanol Procedure: Tare the balance. Place cube on the balance. Determine […]

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