Which of the following feature will help you in distinguishing a plant cell from an animal cell? Which of the following statements below are true for eukaryotic cells?

MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS Choose the correct statement with respect to unicellular organisms: (a) in unicellular organisms, tissues work in co-ordination to perform different functions. (b) unicellular organisms do not require food. (c) unicellular organisms respire and reproduce. (d) all unicellular organisms move by cilia. Majority of cells cannot be seen directly with our naked eyes […]

Which site on the ribosome holds the growing polypeptide chain? Can a person with type A blood and a person with type B blood have a child with type O blood ?

Choose the right answers 1 If the DNA sequence is AAG the amino acid that this encodes for is phenylalanine? true or false 2 In which site of the ribosome does the charged tRNA move into initially? a P site b A site c E site d none of the sites 3 If the mRNA […]

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